Frontier Scientific Solutions (FSS) is a third-party logistics, storage and distribution company strategically headquartered near Research Triangle Park in Wilmington, North Carolina. We have partnered with Wilmington International Airport (ILM) to develop over 1 million square feet of cGMP cold and ultra-cold storage for pharmaceutical drug distribution.

FSS is dedicated to enabling Life Sciences Organizations around the world to safely store and deliver drug products with greater speed and precision. Our campus is located in a foreign trade zone with direct runway access and within a 15-minute drive to the Port of Wilmington. We are your global distribution partner in the United States.

Pharmacy cold storage warehouse

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Advancing Cold Storage Solutions

Frontier Scientific Solutions offer comprehensive pharmaceutical storage and distribution solutions that use the latest technology to ensure your products stay safe while it’s in our hands. When you work with Frontier Scientific Solutions, our state-of-the-art facility and dedicated team become an extension of your hard work and investments.

Pharmaceutical lab specialists


cGMP Compliant Facility
State of the Art BMS and EMS Systems
Backup Power System Covers Entire Facility
N+1 Redundancy
24/7/365 EMS & Security Monitoring
Distribution of Cold storage For Pharmaceuticals


Exclusive Agreement with Wilmington International Airport (ILM)
Direct Runway Access
Reduced Excursions – Greatly Reduce the Risk of Product Loss or Damage
Robust Import/Export Management System
Located in Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 214      
pharmaceutical Storage Ecosystem


Advanced Reporting Platform
Dedicated Customer Support
Integrated Inventory Management
Shipping Management
Innovative Shipping Notification System
Onsite Customs and Border-Protection  
Processing for International Services (Coming in ILM Depot 1) 
Quality Programming for Your Products
Controlled Pharmaceutical storage


Pallet Storage Locations
Less Than Pallet Storage Locations
Customizable Storage Capacity
Controlled Ambient
2°C to 8°C
-20°C to -86°C
Latest Energy Efficient Technology
Connectivity to BMS/3rd-Party Monitoring
24/7/365 BMS Monitoring

About Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA)

GLSA’s Global Network of solutions providers incorporates a variety of CROs and specialty vendors to support the specific needs of your clinical trial. Our network includes full-service CROs, biometrics, site selection, patient recruitment and retention, clinical supply chain management, and more. GLSA pre-qualifies all members of our network so you can be comfortable working with quality service providers.

We connect Sponsors with the CRO that has the right experience, culture, and capabilities to execute their research protocol. We leverage our extensive experience and harness our key relationships to work for CROs. We can fill any gaps you need to support your client’s trials. GLSA takes the guesswork out of vendor selection with our industry experts and experience.

What are your challenges? Contact GLSA to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your speed to market.